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Basta – a client run social enterprise
– this means that both in theory and in practice power and influence over different activities rests with the people who earlier were socially excluded due to heavy drug abuse. Almost all posts on the board and in management are held by people who themselves have gone through rehabilitation at Basta. More than 90 % of the people who live and work at Basta have this background.

Autumn 1994
The idea of creating a social enterprise specifically for people who wanted to end long-term drug abuse began in 1989 when Basta’s founder, Alec Carlberg, visited social co- operatives in Italy. Subsequently, in the autumn of 1994, five people moved into premises covering 54 hectares of land one hour south of Stockholm, and Basta was born.
Basta’s origin was inspired by these Italian examples, but today the company is no Italian copy. The organisation is a product of many, many hundreds of Swedish people who, through the years have sought an alternative road away from drugs.Only work is not enough – short explanation about Basta’s rehabilitation
Basta’s view is that it is not enough to offer just work in order to start a rehabilitation process for someone who has been socially excluded for decades. Rehabilitation at Basta starts out from the notion that everyone who comes to the company has a need to start a personal “empowerment journey”. Work at Basta is a therapeutic tool used to start a development process, which leads to a growing self-esteem. Professional skills are gained as part of the process, but they are secondary to the main objective of developing self-esteem and recapturing communication skills.

Basta’s worksites
Basta offers services that range from horse breeding, dog ‘daycare’, carpentry, construction, graffiti removal, cleaning, large-scale catering, property and facilities maintenance, rehabilitation services, accounting, and administration to running European projects.
How enterprise and rehabilitation work together
Basta’s quality production is economically necessary for the company’s survival. This means that everyone at Basta knows that his or her work is genuinely needed for the success of the company. Nothing is done just to pass time. Through a strongly decentralised organisation, many people are given the opportunity to take on responsibilities and leadership, which leads to human growth and increased self-esteem.
In this way the production fulfils two combined purposes: a personal empowerment journey and crucial business profitability.

Open market conditions make it real
At Basta the average time workers remain in the company is somewhere between three and four years. This means that the vast majority of the people who live at Basta are not supported by the public authorities: they live off their own work and the income the company gains through the sales of goods and services produced. Each year profits are reinvested back into the company in order to allow for more people to come to Basta.
Basta currently runs several European projects via Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci and the European Social Fund. Through these projects cooperation and the exchange of experience are conducted with various social organisations and social businesses across Europe.
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